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Fellow Members/Employees,
By this time you have heard that the Clinton County Legislature, by a vote of 9-1 (Sam Trombley) voted to divest
themselves of the Home Care Unit of the Clinton County Health Department. By doing so they have given over to a
private corporation the medical care Public Servants have been providing in this county for forty-five years, thus
depriving our most vulnerable citizens of valuable medical services and dispossessing sixty of our brothers and
sisters. This, in my opinion is sad, disheartening and appalling and speaks to the lack of leadership in this county.

Our campaign; however, was a good one. Beginning on March 16, 2011 and ending last evening, our people attended every
Legislative meeting and addressed the Legislature on the ills of such a move. Despite the outcome, our strategic
campaign, led by the committee chaired by our Secretary, Deana Rock and Executive Board Liaison, Margaret “Peggy”
Clifford and supported by Labor Relation’s Specialist, Emy Pombrio, Region President, Kathy Garrison, CSEA Local
1000, the Northeast Labor Council and the many others who provided aid was in my opinion, second to none I have ever
seen waged on behalf of a Membership. Although the outcome was not what we wished it, take solace in the fact that we
did everything possible to avert the divestiture, point out the government’s responsibility and remind those in
office they will be held accountable for their actions.

We will now begin a one-year “transition period” during which the corporation will manage the Home Care Unit while
the county is still responsible for the employees within. Last night, is not the end for the Home Care Unit. It has
become fashionable to blame public employees for the financial plight of our country rather than those responsible
for actually causing it who, by the way, received a huge “bail out.” CEO’s are making more money now than ever and
companies doing all they can to earn profits. Now that our government has found an “easy fix” to their financial
woes they will be inclined to divest further. We must face each and every challenge to services and employment we
are faced with in the future. We will not; however, be successful if only those affected take part; the entire
Membership must be mustered in this challenge to the middle class and our way of life.

In Solidarity,
Joe Musso (Small)

Joseph F. Musso,
CSEA Local 884
    CSEA Local 884 (518)563-0761 
6 Booth Drive 
Plattsburgh, NY 12901