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Fellow Members/Employees,
Last evening a General Membership meeting was held at which time several issues were discussed, most
notably among them the sale of the two Home Care licenses and the impact said sale would have on our
Membership. Those that attended asked may questions leading us to the conclusion that this sale not
only affects the Health Department but all ancillary departments such as the Office For the Aging. The
one and one-half hour meeting also consisted of questions regarding upcoming negotiatinos for 2013,
something that will be addressed at length at our next General Membership meeting on Tuesday, December
27, 2011, at 5:30 p.m.
Joe Musso (Small)


DECEMBER 13, 2011

2011, has been a difficult year. There is a downward trend in the global economy and the United States finds itself in one
of the worst economies in recent memory. Government at every level is attempting to find ways to cut costs and, if possible,
to increase revenue. As a result of these trends those of us in the public sector have been vilified by the media. Our
“extravagant” pensions, the cost of health care and the right to bargain collectively have come under attack and worst of all,
mainstream America is buying into the media’s propaganda.

In Wisconsin, reputed to be the “birthplace of collective bargaining” the State Legislature voted to end public employee’s right
to bargain a contract with management. This was followed by Ohio and other states in the Northeast. In New York our Governor
threatened to lay off thousands of public employees in order to cut costs to the tax payers. He recanted but only after CSEA and
other Unions agreed to a freeze in salary increases for the foreseeable future.

In Clinton County the Legislature voted to sell two licenses in the Health Department related to Home Care. Approximately sixty of
our Brothers and Sisters will lose their jobs as a result. Some will be able to find employment elsewhere in the County but some won’t.
Some may choose to work for a private agency but many have opted to either retire or simply resign their positions.

CSEA Local 884 fought against the sale of our Home Care Unit for over six months. Many other Union employees helped and many within the
bargaining unit showed their support but ultimately we lost the fight. Home Care of Rochester agreed to pay Clinton County 2.1 million
dollars for the two licenses. We decided to be proactive and demanded impact negotiations on the sale.

We reached an agreement in which the County would give employees a severance, pay them for one-half of the sick time they had accumulated
and give those that would be without jobs three months of health insurance at the cost they would have paid had they remained employees.
In addition a program was developed to help individuals with their resumes and interviews. The total cost of this is estimated to be
approximately a quarter of a million dollars. What this Membership needs to know is that the County’s original offer was $90,000. We have
never seen this massive a “layoff” before in Clinton County. There are still details regarding seniority that must be worked out and others
within the Health Department could ultimately be impacted but anyone who loses their job will be entitled to the benefits of this package.

We are the only Local or Unit in CSEA who has negotiated such a package and to the best of my knowledge the only Union in the state that has >br/> done so. The Clinton County Legislature must resolve to adopt this Memorandum of Agreement.

In Solidarity,

Joseph F. Musso,
CSEA Local 884
    CSEA Local 884 (518)563-0761 
6 Booth Drive 
Plattsburgh, NY 12901