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Brothers and Sisters,
NYS is proposing a new Tier 6. The Governor’s message is that the proposition will not affect current employees;
however, I do not believe this to be the case. The new proposal will, in my opinion, coerce employees to choose the
401 K option instead of opting for the new Tier. The current system is based upon each generation of employees
contributing knowing they are saving for their future as well as providing support for those that are no longer
working. How can a pension plan remain solvent if all new hires are guided away from contributing thus negatively
impacting upon current employees who will eventually retire?
I submit that the Governor’s logic is economically
unsound and will cause a rift not unlike the one we experienced in our own Unit with respect to insurance contributions for
“old vs. new” employees.

Our fellow citizens must begin to realize that our pensions do not break the back of the taxpayer and are at best,
meager for the vast majority of us who have given their lives to public service. I urge you to take part in this survey
and tell our lawmakers we are not interested in selling the future of the “unborn.”
Please respond to this poll on WGY, as I'm sure the DJs will be discussing the results on their morning shows!! We are
losing in this poll and need to turn it around NOW!


About half way down on the left side, you will see a poll
Should NYS create a less generous state pension tier for new employees?"


Get the Facts!

In Solidarity,
Joe Musso (Small)

Joseph F. Musso,
CSEA Local 884
    CSEA Local 884 (518)563-0761 
6 Booth Drive 
Plattsburgh, NY 12901