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Brothers and Sisters,
Many have contacted me and voiced concern regarding the recent survey,
inquiring why, after having asked some of these questions in a previous
survey (Fall 2008) we would be asking them again. Fret not, this has
nothing to do with a change in attitude or fear; rather, it is a way to
insure that the individuals involved in negotiations understand how the
Membership feels at the present time with respect to key issues such as
wages and length of contract. All are aware of the problems the stock
market incurred in July. At that point in time our negotiating committee
was up and running and we took this change in the economy into consideration
when developing our wage proposal.

  After our first meeting with the county, the members of the negotiating
committee, after being informed of the county’s expectations, felt it
imperative that we survey the Membership again to see if there is any change
in what our Members expect to see in a new Collective Bargaining Agreement
given the changes in the economy. The response thus far has been excellent
and we are expecting more than 50% of our Members to return these surveys.
Once collated your responses will serve as the guide we use during negotiations
to assure that any proposed agreement is in the best interests of out entire
  In Solidarity,
Joe Musso (Small)

Joseph F. Musso,
CSEA Local 884
    CSEA Local 884 (518)563-0761 
6 Booth Drive 
Plattsburgh, NY 12901