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Brothers and Sisters,
On February 25, 2009, our Negotiating Team met at the Satellite Office
to discuss issues that we felt were important to the entire Membership.
The Team agreed that leave time, the normal work week and Union time,
issues expressed by the County, were important to us as well.  We indicated
that any discussion of leave time would have to include sick time,
especially as it relates to “sick call” and the necessity to bring in
Doctor’s notes. We indicated that benefits for Part-Time employees, especially
in light of the fact that there has been one layoff, a “reduction” of one
individual’s hours and the use of both temporary and contract employees was a
significant issue to the Union. We stated that the issue of shift differential,
especially in places that operate on a 24/7 basis was not consistent and should
be resolved. We added that administration of the weekend shift at the Health
Department was an issue that has too long gone unresolved. Finally we stated
that “seniority,” was an issue that could not be dismissed.  The County
indicated that they would consider our issues and at the next meeting in March,
both sides would attempt to develop IBB (Interest Based Bargaining) Committees
on those issues agreed to by both sides. Both sides agreed that the current
committee studying mileage re-imbursement would become an IBB committee. The
County agreed to review their issue of drug testing as it does not appear to
have been a priority among the entire management staff, and, is not cost effective.

We continued to discuss the issue of wages as well as length of contract and
cited our Member’s responses on approximately 250 surveys that we have looked at
thus far (we are asking that those interested have their surveys in by March 13,
2009) We indicated that the Membership was not interested in a contract of five
years. We also indicated that two-thirds of those surveyed thus far have
indicated that a wage increase of 3.0% was reasonable. The Team took this into
consideration and said that we would consider a contract of four years, based on
a wage proposal of 2.5% the first year (allowing the County to remain within their
budget limitations) and an average of 3.0% for the remaining three years. The
County indicated that they would take this under advisement. We discussed the
need for training again and it is noted that the Public Employee Relation’s Board
has been contacted and a second request for training submitted.

The tenor thus far at these meetings has been the “cost” to the county for various
things such as future retirement benefits, longevities and wages. We cannot
dispute the issue of cost but can a price but placed upon the work each of us does
day in and day out? Can anyone say that the workload has decreased or that there
has not been an expectation of increased productivity?  Has anyone been asked to
try and use fewer supplies due to the cost to the individual department? I believe
each and every one of us has come up against at least one of these, if not all,
and agree that, while cost cannot be overlooked, neither can our daily commitment
to this community.

In Solidarity,
Joe Musso (Small)

Joseph F. Musso,
CSEA Local 884
    CSEA Local 884 (518)563-0761 
6 Booth Drive 
Plattsburgh, NY 12901